Mauri Injector APK Downlaod Latest v1.19 For Free

Mauri injector
Developer Size Version Requirement Last Updated
ADIRA AND ANEH 8.7 MB V 1.19 Android 5.0+ Today

Mauri Injector 2024 APK is a perfect solution for all your hack-related problems in the MLBB. The Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a legendary mobile game that 500M+ users download to enjoy their fun moments on screen.

In regular ML games, you have simple and fixed gameplay to unlock all resources you have to complete all given terms of the game. But with tools like Mauri Injector ML, you can get all of such features free during your games. Young players search for solutions about the rewards, skins, and other stuff. 

These tools are a good fit for those players who are in love with important game parts of their MLBB sessions and looking for some kind of splendid hacks. This Injector helps the player to enjoy their game with complete freedom of choosing various hacks in their games.

If you are among those players who are looking for authentic injectors then don’t go other than Mauri. This tool helps you hack and customize your games in multiple ways. When you play your ML with such a tool you enjoy most of the game time with its core extra features like unlocking skins, emotes, effects, recalls, and more. 

Mauri Injector ML APK Review 2024

Thousands of ML players use Mauri Injector from trusted sources like this website for free. Using this amazing tool you can unlock your favourite in-game resources and preferences like skins, emotes, recalls, graphics, and many more. Due to its simple interface and easy-to-install steps, every MLBB player can use and enjoy its moded and unlocked features for MLBB.

The injector is designed with lightweight features for players who want to load their games on heavy-loaded smartphone processors it almost doesn’t matter what version of Android you are using and how much memory you have left in your storage, you can install this 6MB small size tool on your smartphone with the capability of running on Android 5+ versions. 

This app functions similar to Fakecez Modz and Kuronew Hacks, which we have already published on our website. Visit our website to explore those apps for fee.

Features of Mauri Injector Updated Version

Although there are hundreds of third-party injectors are available in the market some of them do a better job in terms of unlocking core features of MLBB and giving unlimited fun to those players who want to enjoy their MLBB game sessions with great injectors. This injector is one of the best injectors that comes with the most reliable and safe features for unlocking important parts of MLBB. let’s have a look at some of its features in a small detail:

It helps you unlock all skins in the MLBB and use them anytime during your game. The tool only unlocks skins that are already available in the game. Extra skins or skins outside of the game can not be used in the game. Players who want to enjoy their games with various skins on their heroes can enjoy this feature with all skins unlocked. 

Another important feature that is built for players who want to add something extra to their gameplay is the new designs and system for ML battlefields. During your games you will see many amazing unlocked game features like maps, lines, zooming quality, smoothness of controls and more.

Recalls in the MLBB are just like survivals for any real death adventure. The more recalls, the more chances to play your game. The simple meaning of recalls is you can play your ML sessions as much time as you want to play. IF you have toggled on this feature in your tool section you will enjoy unlimited fun like having strong life in the game, battlefield support, and more.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang gives you a feature where you can use a drone view of your entire game map and check what’s happening during your game. When you use injector tools like Mauri you have extra features in drone view where you can zoom your game screen from 2x to 10x and enjoy checking your game stuff as per your strategies and criteria. Players can easily zoom in and zoom out their screens on any level they want with this flexibility they have an extra advantage over other players of the game. 

Now you can enjoy other free stuff in your important ML sessions with this injector. The latest version of the tool comes with multiple free features. You don’t need to pay anything to use those features of the tool. Enjoying premium stuff without paying any penny is a real kind of freedom for ML game lovers. Now, if you have installed this injector you don’t need to pay anything for any kind of official feature releases or updates. 

Emotes in MLBB are introduced to give extra beauty to your game. If you are using the regular version of ML you have a limited number of Emotes in your battlefields but if you are using them through the injector that we have provided you on this page you can enjoy unlimited emotes in your games and show your extra level of skills and expertise. This is the only feature where you have the freedom to choose how you should feel in your game and what results will come after your picked expressions. 


Mauri Injector latest version helps you unlock some important features of MLBB and gives you extra layers of fun during your games. The tool is trusted by millions of players and it is quite safe for injecting into ML games. Download it now and play your ML games with full freedom of fun. 

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