Shen Injector APK Download V 1.30 Latest Version 2024

Shen Injector
Developer Size Version Requirement Last Updated
Adira Developer 11 MB V 1.30 Android 5.0+ Today

It is an easy-to-install and useful tool for ML players. The tool comes with a simple interface and visually appealing graphics. You can turn various modes of injector to get a unique gaming experience in your ML game. The current core version of Shen injector is not available on the Play Store, you can download and install it from this official website or other reliable resources on the internet. Players like a large skin menu for fighter features where we have a wide range of fighter skins and costumes you can use any one of them as per your choice and selection. 

On some versions of Android devices, it may process a little bit slower but on newly released Android versions, it works amazingly fine. During the installation process of some skins and loading settings of this injector, you also might face a space running out problem. If you have an updated version of Android and a good phone with high specs you are good to go to enjoy its all features. This app is similar to Np Modz.

How to use the Shen Injector APK

After downloading this APK you can use it easily without any technical stuff required.

Just follow these steps and enjoy MLBB and its unique playing exposure:

  • First, check the specifications and basic requirements of the injector for your device. If your device is smoothly compatible with this skin originality tool you can enjoy it. 
  • Once everything is according to the requirements you can install it in your system by following the installation step guides.
  • Now tap on the app icon and start running it on your phone.
  • The first screen will open with Menu Skin markSman.
  • Choose your skins and heroes from a lot of available skins and heroes. 
  • In Menu Skin Original you can choose Tank, Fighter, Assasin, MarksMan, and Mage skin options to start.
  • Select one option and see multiple skins in the Skin Origin menu.
  • When you click on any skin it will ask you a question with “Are you sure?” pop up and click Yes.
  • Now injector will download all necessary files for this setup and in a few minutes that skin will be loaded in your game.
  • Now you are good to go to play your favorite MLBB game with unlimited skin choices.

If you have an issue while following these steps you can check the new method on the internet because the new versions are constantly changing their features and way to play. For each version of MLBB, you’ll find a new update of Shen injector.

Features of Shen Injector Updated Version

Shen injector App comes with many amazing features that other injectors can’t deliver in the way that Shen does. Most of these features are easy to find and use. You can also use two or more features of this injector at the same time.  Let’s have a little bit detailed look at each feature of the injector:

With Unlock MLBB Skins you can unlock any skin that is already available in ML. With these skins, you can change the complete look of your game and feel. The injector allows you to change multiple skin-changing facilities like fighter, tank, assassin, characters, Mag, and other important things in the game. When you change skin you can choose other extra options like skin-to-skin, Anime skin, and addition in original skins. 

Now you can unlock all recalls of the game with this feature. The Shen injector unlocks all skin recall effects lets you enjoy your game in an easy atmosphere and increases your survival time for unlimited turns. This feature lets you feel more stronger than your opponent and you can enjoy the game for a long time. 

The drone cam view feature gives you fun moments of viewing your game places from the sky. This is perfect for those players who make their strategies according to locations and other important objects there for their use. With drone view, you can check all game places with unique visuals of the game. 

Maps are important in MLBB games what if you have complete control of them? This feature lets you customize a complete map according to your needs. With these customized maps you have the extra advantage of checking important and hidden locations that suit your game-playing style. These customized maps help you fight and play the game in your unique style. The feature is more useful for advanced players who know the importance of maps in the game and know how to use them effectively without being caught in the opponent’s eyes. 

In battlefields you need some kind of emotions to unite and train your team to do so you don’t need any extra effort just turn on the Emotes option in the injector and the rest of the job will injector do itself. This feature helps players to connect with their teammates and members. This is a perfect way to handle your difficult time in the game. 

This tool gives players a huge opportunity to change the entire look and feel through theme customization and background change. This is one of the best MLBB injectors where you can change the entire theme with a simple and easy one-click.


Shen injector Terbaru is a super fun tool for unlocking and having extra skins in MLBB. You can enjoy Shen 2 with its core features of hundreds of outfits, unlimited customized effects, unlocked Skins, recalls, spawns, and elimination effects. This injector app will change your whole MLBB gaming experience and give you real help in doing difficult stuff in the game. You can also download this tool on playstore.


Injectors are third-party tools for various games users can use them to get extra advantage or some fancy looks like multiple skins, designs, and themes.

Yes, when you have some extra features through the best injectors like Shen injector you can feel and experience entire different fun during the gameplay of MLBB.

You can get various extra and upgraded options for free like unlocking skins, getting new skins, visual changes, in-game heroes, and more.

You can enjoy all spawns unlocked, unlock elimination, elmotes, drone views, and customized maps for free.

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