EZ Month APK 2024 Download Latest V1.30 For Android

EZ Month
Developer Size Version Requirement Last Updated
EZ Month 8.9 MB V 1.30 Android 5.0+ Today

EZ Month APK 2024 is an injector tool that helps you enhance your MLBB games with its mod features. The tool is specially designed for players who want to enjoy their ML games with extra features like unlocked skins, emotes, backgrounds, effects, recalls, and more.

The tool is helpful for players who want to make their ranks higher in the game and win their each game. To enjoy your ML games with this tool you don’t need to complete any task or mission of this game. All premium features are fixed and can be used at any time in the game to give you extra layers of fun.

The tool is used by hundreds of ML players all around the globe. Due to its simple design, easy injection, and simple interface players love it and enjoy their games with this tool. The EZ is 100% free with its all features there are no hidden or extra charges that you need to pay to use it fully for your fun moments. 

If hundreds of players are liking this tool due to its flexibility and functionality you can also trust and use it in your ML sessions. Download it now and enjoy its all-core features for free making your ML games more fun. 

EZ Month Injector ML APK Review 2024

EZ month APK 2024 is a lightweight simple injector tool that helps you use premium features for free. Due to some of its unique features, it is popular among ML players. The tool is developed to give extra fun to ML players with extra unlocked features like skins, battles, effects, backgrounds, and more. Download it now and enjoy all the free features to make your ML games more interesting with its unique functionality of providing you complete freedom to win your games. 

Features of EZ Month APK Latest Version

This injector is equipped with multiple useful features and functions. All these functions are free and easy to use during your ongoing game sessions in MLBB. The tool provides a complete list of premium features that help you enhance ML gaming fun. All the following features are easily accessible and available without any extra requirements of tasks, missions, or in-game money:

Skins in MLBB are extensive features for pro players. Anyone who wants to enhance his ranking in the game requires good control over skins that are available in the game. This gives you full control over all these skins in a way that you can use any skin for any of your game sessions to make your games more enjoyable. 

Battle recall effects are important for your survival in ML games. To use this feature in your game you have to unlock some of its features using in-game tasks and missions. But in this tool, you don’t need to complete any job to gain these recalls instead these recalls are available in the tool for free. You can use these recalls anytime in your game to win your games against powerful opponents of your matches. 

Emotes in MLBB work like emotions as in our real life emotions are important to do anything. These emotions help you fight in your style. Each emote helps you in various ways to bring victories in the game without any extra hustle of time and tasks. Now you can use any emotion to make your battles more fun with these emotes and battlefield effects. 

Customisation is always key to completing amazing tasks in your own chosen style. This helps increase your interest in the game as you are using things in right same way that suits you more. When you have customization options in most of your game settings you can play games like a pro player. 

What if you are fighting and enjoying your games with your favourite background themes? Using this injector you can change the backgrounds of your game and fight in front of your own chosen background. Change your ML backgrounds with multiple available images and designs and yes you can also use your customized images in these backgrounds. 

Check your game map and control screen with a drone view and get more control over your game. This feature of EZ month gives you various drone zooming ratios from 2x to 10x. Keep an eye on your entire game picture and learn where and what is important to take first to win your game. 

It also gives you Custom maps create your map in styles that you like more and enjoy most of the fun of this game for free. Customized maps are very helpful in winning your games with some kinds of powerful strategies. 


EZ Month Android Injector is one of the best injector tools for your MLBB games. The tools have a wide range of free features like skins, recalls, emotes, customisations, drone views, and more. Download it now and enjoy your game for free with all of its premium features. 

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