New IMoba 2024 Part 146 APK Download Latest for Android

New Imoba
Developer Size Version Requirement Last Updated
BangMamet 12.2 MB V 1.3.13 Part 146 Android 5.0+ Today

Hi! Are you an MLBB player who is looking to get skins, emotes, drone views, maps, and more? If yes, then you’re in the right place. We’ll introduce you to the new Imoba 2024 APK injector, a tool that can take your Mobile Legends: Bang Bang gameplay to the next level.

If you are tired of playing with the same old features and find it challenging to defeat your enemies, then you should give a try to New Reborn Imoba. However, before downloading the injector, take a moment to read through the information below. This will provide you with a better understanding of what you can expect when you download and use this injector.

We’re all familiar with how it feels when you keep attempting to unlock your desired game features but are unable to succeed in your mission because of a lack of resources. Every player is excited to play with their favorite ML hero skin to portray an impressive image in the eyes of opponents.

This tool was developed to bring the extra element of MLBB to players without worrying about charges. Don’t you think it’s the perfect time to take advantage of this cost-free mobile legends hack app?


What is New Imoba APK 2024?

It is a Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) injector tool. It is used to modify or inject certain features into the game, such as unlocking skins, heroes, emotes, battle effects, backgrounds, and other customization options for free. To make it easier for ML users, Bangmamet developed this app so that people could enjoy it for free, for which otherwise they had to pay. Considering the credibility of this injector, this developer has already introduced the ML Skin Injector, which is very common among ML users. One advantage of this injector that will immediately make you download it from here is that it works on rooted as well as non-rooted devices. But of course, this advantage alone is not enough. Here are a few more features that will make you fall for it.

Features of New Imoba Injector Latest Version

MLBB Injector provides various features for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players. It allows you to unlock premium skins, access exclusive heroes, customize game visuals, and enhance gameplay with additional features. Each one is elaborated on further below.

One of the main features of this injector, which is very cool, is that it provides users access to multiple skins by modifying the game files to unlock the skins for the user. What else we have in it is, All Hero ML skins, such as Support, Assassin, Mage, Fighter, and Marksman. 80+ Painted skins. Updated anime skins.

It is another great feature of this injector. Those who don’t know what ML emotes are, then let us tell you. ML emote refers to a fun and expressive way to represent machine learning using emojis or emoticons. It’s a creative and visual representation of the concept. So what this injector has is,

  • It has more than 15 emotes for MLBB players that help to make the game more interesting. For instance, by using this, you will have options for LOL, Smile Killer, Fire Master, First of Glory, Carry Me, Be Happy, and many more.

It can provide you with the following benefits in this regard,

  • 20 unlocked recalls for users, which include Dragon Mark, Fire Crown, Stun, M1 Glory, M2 Glory, and many more to come.

For MLBB players, the importance of the drone view is not negligible. So it can provide you with

  •  Removal of Drone View 
  •  Availability of view from 1X to 5X

You might have thought that we only have this limited feature, but hold on, we are not done yet. So, besides the many interesting features it provides, there is much more coming, which includes Death FX, Kill FX, Spawn FX, Loading Screens, Custom Skins, Skins to Skins, and many more. All these interesting features are coming soon, and you can use them after downloading this injector.

This injector has these options, too.

  • There will be no advertisements during the use period.
  • It is easy to use, and anyone can understand it.
  • It has a very cool interface, which makes it visually attractive.
  • Slow and steady always wins, but it is not slow and works efficiently.
  • It supports Android 11.
  • If you want change, you have to update. But, of course, you are not that free. This injector will solve this problem too by providing you with an auto-update option.¬†
  • In case you are confused about how to use it, it also has a help button to support users.

How to use New Imoba APK ML?

To use anything, it is necessary to have it. So yes, if you are confused about how to use this injector, you first have to download it, and after downloading, if you are still confused, then this guideline will help you.

  • The first step is to download the latest version.
  • Open it, and there will be a screen showing all available features.
  • Select the feature you want to use.
  • As soon as you select it, it will start injecting the required feature.
  • And you are done. You got it for free without paying for it.


In conclusion, if you want to rank on MLBB, then you are in the right place. Read the instructions carefully and download new Imoba APK 2024 updated version without hesitation. It’s a fantastic tool that allows you to inject custom domain names into MLBB, enhancing your gaming experience. With this injector, you can personalize your gameplay and stand out among other players. It’s easy to use and provides a seamless integration with MLBB. Give it a try and elevate your gaming journey!

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