Foxy Modz APK 2024 Download Latest v8.4 For Free

Foxy Modz
Developer Size Version Requirement Last Updated
Foxy Modz 154 MB V 8.4 Android 5.0+ Today

If you are looking for an app that can change your games with extra features then Foxy Modz APK 2024 is a wise choice for such purposes. The Foxy Modz ML lets you enjoy your game with various extra features like unlocking different items, skins, effects, graphics, and heroes for free. Secondly, in the updated version of this tool, you can have new and upgraded features that help you modify your game in the way you like to play it. 

You can also check the whole map in your game to see what is happening in some specific places in your game this helps you identify challenges and tasks effectively before you use your game tactics to tackle them against your opponent. It was specially designed and developed for ML games. To have extra fun in your ML you’ll see many other helpful features. 

Furthermore, this injector also helps you unlock premium features for free. This is a perfect choice for pro players of ML who want to play their game with some extraordinary features and controls. 

The Review of Foxy Modz APK 2024

After downloading and installing this APK you can use it on your MLBB’s main screen with all features available in the tool. The tool will start with the starting of the game and you can use it right after starting your ML game. The tool comes with features of Buy VIP AntiBanned, Group Telegram, and Menu Hack. The interface of the tool is simple and easy anyone can use its all features from the menu hack and enjoy his/her game with the extra features of this great ML injector. 

Moreover, with the overscreen menu feature you can use this tool anytime during your game. This is a wonderful way to get any feature of this tool with ease of selection and time during your ongoing games. Each feature has a simple toggle button you can enjoy that particular feature just by enabling the toggle button. In short, you can enjoy the drone view with different angles of view to check the availability of your game resources and perfect map utilization. 

Features of Foxy Modz Updated Version

Although the features of the this ml tool are not different than other injectors in the market with the functionality and capability to handle things smoothly this APK is not back in the race of good-performing injectors. These are features you can enjoy during your ML with the Foxy Modz injector:

It is an anti-banned updated APK, there is no chance of getting banned after using this injector. This feature ensures you play freely without being banned through the official resources of the game. Although Foxy developers place this feature as a premium feature you can get it for free in the version that is provided on this page with the download link. 

This is the main part of this injector where you have a complete hack menu including many sub-features. In Menu hack, you can enable various hack options with a single toggle button in front of each feature. The Menu hack includes features like Show HP Bar, room info, Maphack icons, unlock all skins, unlock max emblem, Booster Enemy Auto Bat, and more. Play your game and check which menu hack feature you need to boost your winning chances of the game. 

Using the Menu Drone of Foxy MODZ you can see your game with multiple zooming capabilities of drone views like 2x views, 4x views and more. This feature lets you check things in the broader picture and helps you what important steps are timely important to take on some specific positions of the game. 

The Menu premium of this injector includes important features of Auto Freestyle Chou, Auto Tap Sword Ling, Manual Tap Sword Ling, and more. 


Enjoying the MLBB game with the perfect injector is a unique experience. Although there are many injectors and third-party apps and tools available to hack your MLBB.  

Some of them have their problems on some points during your game you will feel like something is missing but the latest version Foxy Modz is the only injector that comes with all possible hacks menus and features to facilitate players with necessary customization and changings in their game.

This injector comes with amazing features and its functionality like anti-banned, ads-free, a large menu hack, and other helpful menus. Download it now and enjoy your MLBB journey with the unique experience of fun. 

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